Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Coolest Girl in the Room

When it comes to fashion, I like many other girls, gets inspired by photo shoots in magazines, consistently well dressed actors and smaller things like a philosophy that touches you or an arrangement of colorful flowers outside.
My biggest inspiration though happened to come from a girl I knew. Throughout my life I've known many fashionable girls but this one is very different in the sense that if it weren't for her, I doubt I would be the way I am today.
Her name is Kelsey and I met her as a freshman in high school. Our school was Catholic and had a dress code of uniforms but she always had the best accessories out of any girl I saw in that grade and the upper classmen.
At the time, my 'style' was tragic. I was still trapped in the last remaining year of my semi-goth phase and was about to fall from that phase into one that embraced the designer handbags and more upbeat appeal. (I'm telling you, when I phase, I go to the furthest possible extremes)
Anyway, I thought she was just about the coolest girl ever. What set her apart though was the fact that she was always very nice to me, especially when I myself had been not so nice to several people my first two years there.
So it became my ambition to dress better, in outfits that sparked compliments and accessories that got that question of 'where did you get that?' Once I got a job, I slowly began to climb this ladder...

...a climb that is always in progress as I still have the urge to fall back into old phases from time to time. Mostly now, I know what I want to look like and present myself as.
As far as I am still aware, Kelsey is still stylish. I can't imagine her not being any less than amazing. Even though I haven't talked to her in awhile or gone on FBook (with each day that passes, I miss it less and less).
Anyway, so now you know the story.
Tomorrow I have both of my jobs to go to. I forgot to get a coffee tonight so I'm going to be exhausted in the morning unless I go to sleep right now.
Haha, that's not happening.

Love to you all,

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