Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Am Ready For Fall Part One: 5 Magazine Inspirations

Summer has officially decided to wimp out on me. This is slightly upsetting because I was looking forward to my first summer in California and had all this imagery of blue skies and sun rays torching my hair. It is gray out and you never know if its gonna rain or not right now so I'm thinking about the future and returning to my favorite season, Fall, and the five inspirations I have for it.

1) Of the lightest chiffon and ruffles
I'm not a yellow person. Nor do I jam on visors. But I'm always willing to try something new to wear (except for anything with a leopard or animal print, eww). This dress reminds me of something out of a good dream simply because it is so light and gentle and with many layers.

2) If You Need a Pattern, Shoot for the Stars
This dress is perfect for something, I guess school-oriented to wear. You are a star, you know! But it's the gloves I'm checking out and getting the wheels rolling in my head for. I'm liking elbow length gloves...oh yes.

3) The Sweater Girl
When worn poorly, a sweater can look sloppy and gives off the whole literally-just-rolled-out-of-bed-five-minutes-ago look. Oversized sweaters are tricky but she wears hers well. Namely because it's off the shoulder and she has a pair of matching heels on. I would recommend the same but probably with a pair of tights or leggings on. And an eye-catching headband or hair pin.

4) The Unveiling
I wear veils often and for as many compliments as I get on them, I also get the occasional person who likes to rudely ask, "Like, how can you see out of that?" or that one time my teacher actually asked me (and I cannot make this up), if I wore them simply to get attention and if so, what kind of attention did I think I was getting.
Umm...I wear them for me? Because they are insanely gorgeous and bring back a different but amazing era of society that we so sorely need.
Anyway, for fall, I'm sticking with the veils again but I will explore the possibilities of ivory shades as opposed to my usual blacks.

5) Statement Jacket
Aah! This jacket makes me go insane! I tell you, if I owned it I would wear it nonstop for a week and sleep in it every night. Goddamn, will you look at those sleeves!!!! Part Beetlejuice and a mix of the Mad Hatter, this is so very much my crush du jour.

Tomorrow at work I get my binder which I get to decorate myself. At least six magazines are going to be pored over for some serious inspiration. Very fun!

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