Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tell It To My Heart

With my brand new nightdress of course!
I ordered this from Urban Outfitters earlier this's by Kimchi Blue whom I've already purchased a few pieces by and have loved them intensely. This picture does not do this slip any justice. It's one of those pieces of clothes that you have to touch and hold in your hands. The embroidery is unbelievable, very intricate and completely's a must to wear a tank top underneath.
This nightdress has also turned into a day dress as well with a pair of leggings and some flats and maybe a bracelet or two. So, so beautiful! It catches the light extraordinarily well too, it's such a classic, soft, light piece.
Perfect for summer and perfect for me. True love in real life.

*Naysayers of the world, haters of Miss Barton, watch your mouths around me. The Beautiful Life I am anticipating when it arrives on the CW. I'm still a Mischa supporter no matter what.

*Easy Mac = delicious! Why was I not eating this sooner?

*A phrase I never thought I would say: Looking forward to an Alexis Bledel movie.
The Post Grad Survival Guide is coming out this summer and as a now senior in college, it seems appropriate for my time.

*I'm a senior in college now. Yay?!

*Hilary Rhoda looks smashing. Her hair oddly enough reminds me of my own which had a recent growth spurt of its own. It got really long, really fast.

*I adore my computer graphics teacher Barry. He gave me an A-! Splendid! All my grades looked absolutely amazing sans the religion one. All I have to say about that is that I tried, very hard I might add. Ehh, c'est la vie.


*I love my job(s). With recent horror stories from some of the jobs my friends have, I am completely and utterly content with my administrative work.

*Rescue Me is literally rescuing me. I was in dire need of a GOOD TV show, one with all around excellent writing, acting, and an interesting plot. This is filling the gap quite nicely. Thank you, Denis Leary, you are saving my summer.

*Can't deny it anymore: must get a car soon. Or move to a city where owning a car isn't necessary. Whatever works first.

*Kylie for Tous!! She looks beautiful as usual. Little Taylor Swift in the eyes, don't you think?

Love to you all,

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