Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sometimes Ending, Always Fascination and Beginning

Jazz hands!
The long lost brother to the Daft Punk duo.

This Friday is the big day at the flagpole. It's Water Day where my lovely friend Phoebe and some other classmates are promoting to reduce the usage of plastic water bottles. Jamba Juice is coming and making smoothies (they are ah-mazing) and there will be raffles for goodies. You should go...all the cool kids are gonna be there you know ;)

I Love Mickey Rourke. Probably The Only Man I Would Ever Willingly Marry.

I am needing a striped shirt like you would not believe. I'm buying one as a finals present to myself. Haha, I need many of those!

My Dita Favorita...yeah yeah, my espanol blows.
Summer in two weeks!

Listening to:
-IIO Rapture
-Rihanna Shut Up and Drive

Love to you all,

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