Saturday, April 11, 2009

Old Times, Younger Me

I found this file of pictures on my computer that I haven't done anything with for awhile so I picked a handful out and decided to focus on them today.

The dresses from Anthropologie in Fall 2006 that got away...that whole catalog was absolutely fantastic.

Into blue diamonds ever since that dream I had last year about a blue diamond and pearl necklace. It creeps into my stories every now and then.

Found this in May 2008 during my last semester at Meramec when I was writing a Capstone paper about the history of the horror film. You know I love ghosts and Bacardi already and the two together is just way too good!

The children of the night are supposed to make beautiful music.

Dita von Teese's gorgeous wedding dress back during her marriage to Marilyn Manson. I loved the Vogue spread but felt it was just, hmm what's the word, conforming to society? Everybody wants to see the stars private moments and feel like they were a part of the big day.

I loved A Much Married Man by Nicholas Coleridge and was so into the cover photo taken by Willie Maldonado. I searched all over Getty Images for it and didn't find the exact photo but a similar one...I am the best at online searching, I find pretty much anything if I look long enough for it.

These tights are absolutely lovely.

This is how I spent my Easter a few years ago. Good times with Grindhouse in a theater filled with nothing but guys.

The cover star of my very first owned copy of Nylon Magazine, the most holy of all the magazines to me.

John Galliano never fails to deliver on beauty.

Bobo's Not in Paradise.

Love to you all,

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