Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Embrace Your Moral Hypocrisy DH, Go For It

Josh Olins uses such vibrant shades in his photography.

Getting hitched to this ensemble for sure.

Summer's only starting and already I'm craving fall. Fall has the corner on amazing clothes; jackets, coats, hats, skirts, stockings, it's such a good list!

Thanks Interview for your bomb covers.
And happy 10th birthday Nylon, my dream machine of a magazine!

It has been 95 and up for the last few days here, crazy hot but so so wonderful. My skin is totally flipping out though. Pale me is not used to super sun.
Start homework? Watch Igby Goes Down again? Read? Go outside again? Admire my cute new flats?
Infinite options in an infinite society.
Love to you all,

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