Friday, March 20, 2009

Week, Day, Year, Month, Eon, Yeah...We'll Settle on Week

* "Dita Overload" is the best phrase I have heard all week.

*Jesus Jonahboy, you been drinkin' the Stupid Sauce?
I'm way addicted to The Black Book series again, this book series that I read religiously throughout my freshman and sophomore years at DB. It's like falling down the absolutely amazing hole that transplants me back home and with my library memories again.
We lived within a short distance of both the library and B. Dalton (before it closed) so it was hardly uncommon to see me running out of the house to scramble up to get some good reading material.

*In my heart, I will always remember the first time I saw Natasha Richardson. I was at the AMC theaters with my Dad seeing The Parent Trap and she played Lindsay Lohan's mom. She was beautiful and elegant and radiated this nearly awe-inspiring glow. I will always remember the fashion shoot scene where Natasha and Lindsay are playing with the top hats and the model.
RIP Natasha Richardson....

*A sandwich + an unidenitifed package= a bomb threat on the CLU campus.
I really wish I was making that up but as my life is usually filled with ridiculous happenstances, this is just another tale to tell and tease for later years. They actually evacuated the library and had the campus security block off the overpass.

*Being referred to as a favorite person
Aww, shucks. How sweet!

*Conjure One is turning into a religious musical experience
Best. Album. Decision. In. Several. Months.
I will follow Rhys Fulber into whatever black hole or star drenched galaxy he decides to travel to. Delerium has been my great love since 8th grade and Conjure One is nothing short of a stellar beauty. I have a tendency to get really "into" my music on my iPod and apparently people can tell on my face.

*Ellen Show!!!
I got tickets and at the end of April, my girlfriends and I will be part of the audience! Yeah!!

*This Handsome Man
Do not cut your hair again Rob. It was a bad move. This picture makes me forgive you.

*Moms are the best
They mail you all of your Teen Vogues that somehow never got transferred to your new address. I squealed like a stuck pig when that package arrived today, I really missed them, you know? Not on the Nylon status but still an important religious piece of work. Gotta get reading on those bad boys...

*"You are capable of getting an A in this class."
How would you like to get an e-mail from your professor that spoke these cruel words? Especially if you assumed that everything was cool in this class...ugh. Details are the death and best of me.

*Breakfast with Tiffany
It's not with croissants and Givenchy gowns but we talk poking sticks, calculators, hanging chickens in the fog, screaming on the mountains, and cereal as crack. Oh yeah, and we study too. 8am is turning into a guaranteed good part of my day.

*New Work
How completely lucky is my school to get a large-scale video installation installed featuring lamps from Megan and Murray McMillan? So, so lucky! It is going to be so awesome! I'm skipping out on the Ventura County Star that night to go and gettting together my red dress and heels-I'm red(y), haha awful pun! God, I wish my Dad was here. He would just love the gallery!

*Late Nights Studying Can Suck It
I would lump writing in the same category but that's sacriligious.

*, Filmspotting, The Starter Wife, South Park
A weird but effective method for me to focus on my work and write.

*CNN says "Why You're Likely to Marry Your Parent?"
My Dad-hilarious, cultured, easily angry, driven.
My Mom-elegant, charming, musical, easily offended.
I don't even know what I want. It can change so, I guess someone stronger than me who is very funny?
But I'm young and stupid. At this age, I think I want it all.

*But if love is in short supply, send in the clothes
Ordering clothes online late at night and waking up the next morning believing it was all a fantastic dream and discovering it wasn't? Why, that's a great feeling!
I believe in the power of retail therapy, the healing touch of cloth to my skin, and as Laurie Halse Anderson so eloquently put it "the holy trinity of Visa, Mastercard, and American Express."

*Hello GG!
I gotta get back to my roots...I started reading Gossip Girl back in 8th grade when nobody had heard of it. Evidently, I did lots of stuff in 8th grade to alter myself then and now.

*My other two dears, Amy and Melissa
I was destined to meet these two, no matter what. Love them both.

*Damn it Earl...
Send me a ghost and Big cartoon, stat! Or I'm gonna fly home, lop a tentacle off of Big and hold him for ransom.

*SUMMER 2009
It ain't gonna be typical for sure.

Love to you all,

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