Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stewin' Stewart

My name is Kristen Stewart.
Do not call me Kirsten. I am not a Dunst.
And if I get one more "Bella" reference...
I'm gonna beat you senseless with this tool.

(Some imaginary one-liners popping from K-Dawg here...can she at least try to look a bit more enthusiatic? It's not everyday that your movie sells 3 million copies in one day, even if it's because of your attractive co-star.)

I like to spray it down
No, I did not mean that in a dirty way
This isn't actually water, it's acid
I'll spray your face
Fuck it up real good
What? Did you just say that gets you hot?
Just you wait...

...say hello to my little friend
Yeah I know that's from Scarface
I just really like that quote
See, I'm smiling
Sort of, this is just how my face looks

*I really don't dislike Miss Stewart...these pictures were just asking for it.

Listening to:
-Royksopp's Junior album (This came out on Monday and jeepers, it is marvelous!!!!)

Love to you all,

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