Monday, February 2, 2009

500 Days of Summer

Fuck all the May/June/July blockbusters, I am an indie girl through and through and this is the only movie I care at all about right now (even Watchmen is taking a serious backseat to this).
I love Zooey and Joseph and they look utterly irrestible together. Cuteness squared.
I'll definitely have a longer post about this one with more photos later but I'll tell you what I love the most about the movie (other than the actors, plot, trailer, and Sundance favoritism).
The title.
I know it's about how he dates Summer for 500 days but to me, it also got me thinking about summertime in general. Honestly, no matter how much you work, no matter where you live, even if you're enrolled in a zillion classes for summer school, summer is the best. Nobody ever says anything bad about it and why would they?
It's lazy, warm, and filled with endless possibilites on how to spend your day and who to spend it with.
I've never had a bad summer (well okay, skipping any family road trips and the surgeries I had during high school).
It's always been 3 blissful months of (in my experience) ice cream eating, running up and down the flights of stairs at the library with piles of books, thrift shopping, movies and overpriced Icees, friends dragging you to their houses or to the park to chill, Sno-Cones down the street, lying around sticking to the couch, waking to the sounds of the birds chirping and the cars honking, sweating, playing at the park, swinging on the swings, going out in the hot hot 10:30 at night, late night shitty horror films, listening to LOUD music in the car on the iPod on the stereo, drive-thrus for greasy food (calories don't exist anymore), swarms of bees, flowers in bloom in the backyard, open windows, open back doors, air conditioning, water fights at work, 4 cans of Red Bull chugged in an hour to go faster, flying practically home on a post-Monster drinking binge, sundresses, long hours wandering the malls, cute shoes, cute boys, cute boys, cute boys....
I love summer.
I want it to be 500 days long.
Love to you all,

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