Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wang's World

Some goodies from Alexander Wang at the Saks site. The stretch mesh combo dress is really, really short (16") but cute, very springtime. I love the jacket, as I am a sucker for most menswear. The shoes are lace up boots by Ann Demeulemeester and while I'm not really a huge fan of hers, I can see why they get so much praise.

The V-neck jacket dress, wow! The plunging neckline, the short skirt, the tie around the middle. Rumple up your hair and you get that instant just-got-up messy look. Quite sexy.

This combo dress is really interesting. On one hand, it's a totally casual easy look to toss on and on the other, it can be very elegant with a jacket and hair pinned up. Love that tiny slit at the knees.

So so amazing!!!! And I never thought I would find a holey sweater I would fall in love with. The model, by the way, is Sarah Ruba. It's one of my firm beliefs if you can, try to find a model with similar features to yours like skin tone and hair color. See what she wears and it will probably be akin to what you already don or will be. Sarah has modelled for Delia's, Old Navy, and Nordstrom's online, print, and commercial ads. She's pretty much my favorite.
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