Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reel Style: Keira Knightley in "Atonement"

I was very excited about seeing Atonement last winter because to me, it really jump started the whole Oscar prestige picture pieces. I know there are a lot of people who do not like the Oscars because they do not nominate mainstream pictures but it is for this reason that I love them and if the Oscars chose to glorify the pieces of shit that pass for entertainment, I would not watch them.
Atonement is based on a novel by Ian McEwan and is about a wealthy girl Cecilia (Keira Knightley) and her crush on the gardener/student Robbie (James McAvoy) during which a stolen moment in the library is misinterpreted by Cecilia's little sister Briony (Saoirse Ronan). A chain of events ensues sending Robbie to war, Cecilia to the Red Cross and Briony forever regretting her actions.

Here is an early opening shot of Cecilia collecting flowers. Her clothing early on in the movie is quite loose and airy and pastel. This changes quite dramatically over the course of the film but for right now, she is dressed very casually, perfect for the long afternoons in the summertime.

A full shot of the dress from above sans the shawl. The bottom part reminds me a bit of the dress that Marion Cotillard wore to the 2008 Oscars, with the "fishtail scales" look. I like the lace edging at the top of the dress and the thin spaghetti straps at the top. Delicate and ultra feminine.

This is when Cecilia's brother comes back to visit. The shade of the dress nearly matches the carpeting, very color coordinating especially when coupled with her brother's suit. I like the shoes and the ruffle going down the front of the dress. Sleeveless once again noting the breeziness of the look, one of casual elegance.

If this doesn't scream '40's, I don't know what else does. This whole look is very poised, very Vogue cover worthy. I particularly am drawn to the swimmer's cap and also the simplicity of the suit, clean and elegant.

THE DRESS! So I'm a little enthusiatic about it but when I saw this gown in the trailer, it was love at first sight. Though you can't see it from here, the dress is backless which makes it appear very modern, a bit too modern for the time period but still gorgeous. Cecilia wears a diamond bracelet and hair clips but nothing on her neck, emphasizing minimality. This gown is quite loose and easy to slip in and out of.

When Cecilia is waiting for Robbie. She is in her Red Cross nurse garb. After the summertime breeziness, Cecilia wears most of her clothing buttoned up to her neck and in more somber shades. She also wears deep red lipstick.
This outfit is very simple but tailored to form with big white cuffs.

Robbie and Cecilia after the tea together. I adore this hat and coat combination. It is very tailored and fitted and the shade of navy is both sophisticated and modern. This is the kind of look that transends the ages, the kind of look that will always be fashionable.

Cecilia at Robbie's house in his bathrobe. She looks incredibly chic for somebody who just woke up but these details I usually bypass in Hollywood films.

In the tunnel, Cecilia's look of a grey pencil skirt and deep green top is absolutely breathtaking. This look will always, always be in style! It is my most ardent hope that one day, I can live in a world filled with girls dressed to the nines again but I fear it won't happen for quite some time.

At the cottage by the sea, this outfit is probably Cecilia's most dull but still weather appropriate. The sweater practically disappears into the jacket and the colors are very bland and mundane.
Overall, Atonement was another one of those movies that I wound up liking the musical score for than the actual film.
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