Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blogging Like A Boss...

Not really though. For you see blogosphere, I've done it again. I've fallen behind on reading through the blogs of everyone I follow (you beautiful people, you) and once again, I'm at that terrible 1 month mark of missing out on random tidbits of information and great stories. By now, I think it's more than one month though. Oops...

I started typing up a whole spiel on why I get backed up on posts but I don't think I need to recount it here. It's simple. I work a lot. Also the letters "q," "a," and "z" are broken on my keypad from a wine spill from over a year ago. You wouldn't think these letters would be so important to use but "a" is in pretty much every word ever. Stopping to hit the "a" button on my on-screen keyboard is a nuisance that I've been putting up with for over a year now. Somehow I've been making it work, but I suspect that this weekend when I get paid is when it is time to finally address this problem and take my computer into the repair shop. Which I've been avoiding because they might keep it for DAYS and leave me high and dry without my writing resource.

Ugh, I sound like such a nerd here. Time to be a grown-up now and take care of important adult matters.

In the meantime, here's a fun question and answer session with me. I promise it isn't one of those terrible ones you find online where they ask you like 12 times if you have gone skinny dipping before and if you like the last person who texted you. BARF. This is mostly just a favorites list. Nothing too revealing...or is it?

Name: Heather

Where you’re from: STL, or Saint Louis if you didn't get what those initials meant. When I tell people where I'm from, the response is mixed. Most people can totally hear my Midwestern accent (it's something to do with how the vowels are lower than the consonants) and get it. A bunch of people have no idea where that is and mistake it for being in the Iowa region. Still some people say I look like I'm from New York (it must be all the black I wear that does it) and even more people don't think I'm even from America period.

Welp, I was raised in STL, land of Anheuser Busch, toasted ravioli, and where estate homes are regularly built in areas that contain Section 8 housing across the street.

Sexuality: Straight. With some celebrity girlcrushes (cough, cough, Eva Green, cough, cough).

Sex: Female.

Age: 20-something. I think I mentioned my age somewhere here before.

Biggest Passion: Writing. Writing is the torch that guides my soul to the places where it needs to be and where it shouldn't be. Writing is my best friend and biggest nemesis. Writing is the one area in life where I feel both highly talented and highly terrible all at once. It makes me feel completely at home and happy and just on the cloud 9 of producing incredible content. This is most evident when I'm writing dialogue between people. Then it can turn on me to produce an article so heart-wrenchingly awful I feel like I have no voice period or at least that voice is getting stupid on me and I don't want to look at it ever again. This is most evident when I write about something romantic.

Still my biggest passion though, no matter how many times it gets rejected or published. I do it for myself and that's reason enough.

Biggest turn on: I have many and the vast majority of them involve clothing. A crisp ironed men's shirt with pressed trousers and shined shoes will be the death of me. Menswear in general is my Achilles Heel...when worn on the right kind of guy. I'm also big on corsets, elbow-length gloves, stockings, and heels (for me, not him). Like a dominatrix without the whip and gag ball.

Single/Taken: Single, but seeing the world at large. Also, definitely not on board with getting married or having children anytime ever.

I will be that token awesome single girl at all of my friends' weddings, giving a meaningful toast, shouting out "awwww yeah this is my jam!" to the opening chords of KC and the Sunshine Band's "Get Down Tonight," having a drinking contest somewhere at the bar with the single bridesmaids who have all become my new BFFs, doing inappropriate dances with the groomsmen on the dance floor that will undoubtedly be the focus of that poor wedding video, having another drinking contest at the bar (this time with myself), several phone numbers from guys I will not remember in the morning, and going home in a taxi with one of my shoes missing.


Biggest dream: I have a bunch and they range from semi-realistic to not even in a million years is that shiz going down. I'd like to have at least one book published by the time I'm 25. I'd like to travel through Europe and eventually settle down in London to work at an ad agency, surrounded by gorgeously accented British guys. Though I will also settle for working with Scottish, Aussie, or Kiwi guys as well. I'd like to time travel back to the 1920s and be a teenager then during the Prohibition Era. I want to create a series for HBO about a modern day royal family. I want to write a book based off of an idea I'm working with that would definitely get me in a lot of trouble to write about. I want to be in a commercial with the Pillsbury Doughboy. I want to create a non-profit organization for children. I want to pay off my entire Sallie Mae debt by the time I'm 30. I want to create a stock portfolio for myself and invest regularly. I'd like to be front row at an Arcade Fire concert and at a live taping for Katt Williams and his stand-up. I want to DJ with Paul van Dyk at Ibiza and also want to be the face for Lancome.

From this list, I know what's attainable and what isn't. And honestly I think the time travel '20s one has some real potential to occur.

Favorite colour: Ivory. I'm so white my favorite color is an off-white version of white.

Favorite drink: Sex on the Beach. It's really cliche and girltastic but they put cherries in it and it's pink so...

Favorite type of music: Film scores, '80s dance, and British pop stars.

Favorite band: Arcade Fire.

Favorite singer: Liv Kristine. She's the lead singer from Leaves Eyes and has the voice of an angel. The first time I heard her, she nearly put me in a trance. Liv's voice is glorious- I cannot stress it enough.

Favorite tv show: Sex and the City. This show is pure comfort food to me.

Favorite actor: I'm a big fan of the raw rage and insanity that Klaus Kinski brings to the screen. I've been into Kinski since high school and it isn't easy to compare him to other people. I will also see pretty much anything with Viggo Mortensen, Jon Hamm, and Robert Downey Jr. in it.

Favorite actress: I really, really love Marion Cotillard. I think she's just smashing.

Favorite movie: Edward Scissorhands.

Favorite books: The Great Gatsby and Franny and Zooey are the two books I have a hard time envisioning not having read in my lifetime.

Something random: I am extremely talented at gift wrapping. I take it quite seriously when picking out wrapping for presents.

Love to you all,


laaauren said...

I adore your blog, and I passed on an award I got to you to show my appreciation.

Great work!

Jimmy Dean said...

Novel by 25.

Debt payment by 30.

Glad to see you priorities are right where they should be.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED all of your answers but I was particulalry inspired by your answer to Biggest Dreams. I really need to make one of those Biggest Dreams lists and I need to do it fearlessly (which may require that my inner critic take a hike or get locked in a closet for a few days so that I cam really go at it.) It's funny, but before I even got to the part where you said you wanted to publish a book by 25, I was thinking, "Damn, this girl needs to right a book!" You have a spectacular, authentic voice and I would love to see it in print. Good luck! - G

Jennifer Fabulous said...

You're so open in your blog, that I feel like I know you so well already. Some of these (hometown, age, etc.) I knew, but others were pleasant surprises to me.

We are very similar, except my goal for a published book has been pushed to 30 now. Haha!

I'm weird and I didn't know there were different accents in the midwest region. I guess that's b/c I've lived all over the US. I was born in Detroit but at age one moved to ten different states before ending up here in KC. I don't know what my accent is...

I have Franny and Zooey on my to-read list (which is like three miles long, haha). But I saw a vintage copy at Half Price Books the other day and now I'm tempted to go back and snatch it up!

And yeah, we also differ on the gift wrapping. I'm jealous you have talent in that area. not. ;)

drollgirl said...

well this line made me laugh: definitely not on board with getting married or having children anytime ever. BAH! good for you!

and marion cotillard is pretty pretty fab. she is great. but i think inception was tHE WORST MOVIE OF LAST YEAR. not her fault. god i hated that movie!

and i take gift wrapping seriously, too. but you might be better at it than me! lol

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Aww don't apologize! Life happens. Love the sex and the city love and your pride and zest for writing (you're in the right place).

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Marion Cotillard is so fab. Oh and I definitely think you can have a book published by 30 - you got soul in that writing my dear.
Sigh way behind on blogs with the time change back to NYC and lack of time between getting everything else done.
NYC some day my dear and perhaps we can meet for pizza or my fave peruvian!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Anonymous said...

Your blog is actually amazing! and i love the pictures you use. i love the way you answered the quetion, but i am most inspired by Biggest dreams. thank you x

Phoenix said...

Once again, a great post, though I have to admit I laughed at you pointing out how many words use the letter a. Girl, get that fixed! The price you pay to have it NOT drive you crazy anymore is gonna be sooooo worth it.

I love reading about your dreams and your favorites. I think time travel to the 1920's should be invented any day now, but until then you can certainly re-read F. Scott Fitzgerald books again and again :)

Hugs and I'm so glad your posts are no longer about how miserable your job makes you, you have no idea,

Martina said...

Wow, now i really feel i know you better - and i think you WILL publish a novel one day. I secretly dream of doing that too, but propably when i'm older. IT's hard to squeeze all i want into one life ;) Have a lovely weekend!

Cara-Mia said...

I love you & your blog, so I'm always happy when there is a new post. I hope you get your keyboard fixed so you may blog with more frequency. :)

This is a great list. <3