Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coming Attractions...

I might be broke and throwing myself into my work at a speed beyond 200%, but this is never going to change. It's time to welcome the next month with open arms and fun plans. And the first of these plans is occurring in less than 20 days.

If you can't tell by the above photo, I'm on my way (again) to the happiest place on earth (my Mom thought I was going to say San Francisco, haha, actually pretty much everyone I know did come to think of it. They also guessed New York. Close, but no cigar) which is....


I cannot wait! I'm going with my old college roommates (how freaky does that phrase sound?) and it's going to be amazing. Rides all day (Splash Mountain is re-opening from the winter months), mint juleps and churros, firework show, those fat, delicious, half-baked cookie dough cookies from Main Street, seeing the Disney princesses (Cinderella, yay!)...this list really never ends.

I'm not a Disney fanatic by any means, nor do I jam on amusement parks in general but damn do I love Disneyland. Most of this has to do with the fact that I grew up on Disney and unlike crappy amusement parks, their rides work and aren't run by toothless carny dudes in wifebeaters.

Also, this next part is going to sound bad, but I love the overpriced everything they offer. There is seldom a moment in an adult life or otherwise that you can justify spending over six bucks on a slice of pizza or $12 on a mug with Ariel's face on it. With Disneyland, the justification comes in:

a) Dude, I haven't been here since 2009. I don't come here often so it's worth it.

b) Awww! I'm making a memory with my family and/or friends! so it's worth it.

c) I'm being forced into being an adult and I didn't sign up for it. JUST LET ME ENJOY THE STUFFED SIMBA AND RIDING SPACE MOUNTAIN 12 TIMES IN A ROW BEFORE I HAVE TO DISCUSS 401K OPTIONS. OH DEAR GOD WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN so it's worth it.

d) I just like spending money. Even when I don't have it. This might be classified as a problem later on in life for me. But for now, let me bask in young twenty-something it's worth it.

All of the above in one form or another apply to me.
This blog speaks from experience.

I would also like to see Rapunzel, if she's around. I watched Tangled a few weeks ago and enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. She's adorable.

And Flynn Rider...dayum son. Prince Eric, you may have a competitor in the Hot Disney Dude Showdown.

2 days later, I have a date with the Roxy Theatre to see my ultimate icon...





There will be pictures, I promise you. Me and one of my closest girlfriends are going to see her burlesque show. I cannot even tell you how excited I am. It sounds a little like this: fergjerghergulrnfutkewyjtx

Basically, anytime I think my day sucks (which is a really rare occurrence these days), I think of these good moments coming up and life is so incredible, it's practically shooting ice cream out of rainbows at me.

Here is a quick photo of me (my hair dominates the photo) with my newfound love from Perricone Farms. Strawberry Lemonade. It's delicious, comes in a fat little pouch, you can get them from most Bristol Farms and Albertsons locations, and only a dollar a pouch. Go get one now, your summer will rock with them!

Love to you all,


Anonymous said...

Oh how fun. I havent been to Disneyland since I was eight years old. Its so good to be able to go, I am so jealous of you! ❤

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Juice pouches are a classic. Ooh and Disneyland - you are LUCKY! I haven't been there in err 20 years! I'd love to go but we're using a lot of vacation time in this region so it might be a while!

p.s. Rock on with the red lipstick and high heels!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Meredith said...

your reasoning for why overpriced is ok at Disneyland is classic. I say this as someone who has spent $10 or whatever it was on a churro. been there.

Nicki said...

How can you NOT love Disneyland? Likewise, how can you NOT love Dita Von Teese? I adore them both.

Phoenix said...

A) Strawberry lemonade is the most perfect drink ever invented, and

B) I just went to Disneyland and loved every freakin' second of it. LOVED it. You so get to be a kid again, and it's amazing. OH, and if you like chocolate, buy some fudge off Main Street from one of the chocolate places. Then eat it really slowly over the next few weeks and think about being back at Disneyland.

Works for me every time.

Anonymous said...

Have fun lady! I hear ya, whenever I start talking about my 401K I always stop and am like...omg what has happened to my life?!?!?!

Krissy (Shimmer Like Gold) said...

So much YAY! in this post. I love it! I don't even think I need to say this as it's basically a given but... have a blast!! Disney & Dita... awesomeness.

Romantic Heroine said...

I've never been in Disneyland before but I guess it is fun! enjoy the trip! btw, did you watch the wedding, yesterday?! how did you like it?!

JoJo said...

How awesome and fun! Have a fabulous time!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

awe, you are so cute holding up that perricone farms with pride, love it. exciting report about your upcoming trip, how fun will that be?! um, like insane, insane amounts for sure. plus the whole Dita thing, man's epic time in Heathers world. congrats!

thanks a bunch too for the new job love and vlog props, most appreciated lades. happy rest of the weekend. ♥

Ocean Dreams said...

I love Disneyland - I used to live in Southern CA for 7 years and I miss it so much! Thanks so much for coming by my blog doll - have a wonderful time at Disneyland! :)