Sunday, February 13, 2011

S.A.D. (The Other Valentine's White Meat)

This week I started to notice a pink pattern on my Tumblr. Observe:

Peonies. One of my favorite flowers actually. No problems here.

Pink wine. One of my favorite shades for alcohol, along with clear and red and that amber shade you find in Manhattans and Red Bulls and vodka, if you mix it just right. Again, no complaints.

What we have here is a young woman attempting to push a huge pile of pink wrapped presents. And since the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (it deserves the caps, trust me) and Breast Cancer Awareness month have come and gone, this can only be pointing one arrow directly to the next holiday approaching that uses up the Tickle-Me-Pink crayon to a nub...

Valentine's Day.

"Valentine's Day is the lone major holiday of February, expected to tide us over until St. Patrick's Day in March. On this day, we can watch those in love celebrate their love by buying chocolate even though their New Year's Resolution said otherwise and watching a sappy romance flick starring the likes of Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey and Meg Ryan."

-actual quote from an article I wrote 3 years ago for my community college newspaper. It got published.

The girls I work with in my copywriting department at work are really sweet, genuinely kind people. One in particular, Renee, is one of the nicest girls I've had the pleasure of meeting. About a week ago, she gave me a Valentine's Day card that she made herself, a pop-up card at that. It came accompanied by a little note.

Treat yourself this Valentine's Day to something special-you don't need a man to complete you!

It's important to point out that at work, I'm a token. Token single girl in a sea of long-term relationship and married girls. Society loves to point this out and tries its very best to guide me in the direction of Noah's Ark pairings, but I'm really good about fighting and digging my feet into the ground against this belief.

This isn't to say I don't believe in love. Of course I do. People who don't believe in love...not sure about those types. I'm just a different type of romantic than most girls. As a little girl, I idolized Cinderella and had this dream (the sleeping kind) very early on that I met my Prince Charming. However, I'm bipolar in this belief in the fact that I not only thought prom was stupid and refused to participate in it, but I also do not aspire to get married or have children. My parents have been married my entire life and the longest relationship I ever had lasted 3 months (not even that). In high school, a girl I barely knew diagnosed me with having "commitment issues" and damnit if she wasn't right. I kind of imagined that the ole love life might get better in college, but haha, did that ever not happen. I mean, look at the quote I wrote up there. Still sums up my feelings for this day 3 years later.

With less than a week to go before I head off to a very big wedding celebration, and about 4 more months until the lease is up on my lovely apartment, I've been doing some thinking. Thinking that has been growing steadily more thoughtful over the past few months. If you know me, you might know that when I discuss "thinking" or "doing thoughtful thinking" it's related to me making a big decision in my life.

My thought, for now, is that I want to move overseas for some time.

Scratch the "for now" bit. I think it's fair to say I've wanted this for a really long time. And no, I wouldn't be moving because there aren't any guys in my life here or because of petty arguments with family members or friends or even our current economic state (you really can't escape debt, no matter what foreign shores you decide to take citizenship in). I've often felt like a big puzzle with a bunch of pieces missing. I found some of them when I was in college, but not all of them and deep down, I knew I wouldn't find them all. It just isn't possible. But the fact is, I found some which is incredible to me and led me to pursue more dreams I had in my heart I didn't think I would get to.

And here we are, single, solo, but still very happy nonetheless.

My theory is I'm a lot like Elizabeth Gilbert of the Eat, Pray, Love book fame. Her journey was to get divorced and out of an unhealthy relationship and travel the world for a better perspective and self-discovery.

Though my journey is much more different in the sense that I'm not married, definitely broke and should not be in pursuit of living overseas when I can barely afford to live in my own seas, and not in pursuit of spiritual awakening. I had that already and I call it Arcade Fire's Funeral album. You're welcome.

Still, self-discovery via double-decker buses! Picking up more of the puzzle pieces to completing a full Heather with at Big Ben! Is it obvious I crave London the most? England is where the majority of my ancestors came from so it's only natural to feel a bond, a tie, a love for this place I've never been but feel I need to be at if I want to unlock my true self. Something extraordinary waits for me there. It's the kind of feeling that goes through your bones and swims through your bloodstream.

I have a gut feeling that this journey, should I go all the way through with it, is going to be a labor of love. It will try and test me and push me to my very limit (though currently I'm not far from it now). Love is patient though and as many of my friends will tell you, I'm a patient person who's willing to see the best in people and give them a try and second chances.

And of course, in the event of any life journey I take on, full makeout details with hot guys with accents will be recorded for your reading pleasure. Once more, you're welcome.

Just doin' my part for all the singles out there.

Whether you refer to it as V-Day (in tribute to D-Day), V.D. ( a hilarious sex gag joke never steers us wrong) or S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day...oh c'mon now people, this is starting to get ridiculous), you can't go wrong with funny cards. See above and below for inspiration.

Choo-choo choosing you.

Love to you all,


Diana Mieczan said...

So true, you cant go wrong with funny cards and the last one is soo cool:) Wish you an amazing Sunday, sweetie. Btw: I also love Peonies...They are one of my favourite flowers:)
Kisses and hugs

Claire Kiefer said...

I am single and I love Valentine's Day. It's a day to celebrate love in all its forms, and I love celebrating love. Plus, what's not to love about cupcakes and chocolate and flowers? My girlfriends and I have a V-Day sleepover every year, and it's always so fun.

AVY said...

Nothing wrong with pink...


Natalie said...

Oh, Valentine's Day. I mean, I could choose to be sad about the fact that I have been single my entire existence, but whatever. I've basically accepted it now, and the only difference is that I'll have to try to ignore happy couples more than usual on February 14th, haha.

I think it's absolutely fantastic that you're living life for yourself, perfectly happy without a significant other even though society seems to think that you can't be without one. Getting to travel the world overseas would be amazing, and I really hope that you do get to go. :)

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

i love funny cards :)

the pink wines pic is pretty!

SH said...

Visit my Blog if you like.

Binny said...

Can I say that I actually adore your blog? I always read what you write from beginning to end! :P

anyway, thank you for writing your post as a single person. It's nice to hear from people who aren't like "omg nobody loves me, forever alone" or "<3<3myboyfriend i love him so much". You're a nice medium, if that makes sense. :)

I wrote a post on how to mentally prepare yourself for valentine's day....and I like your approach. I mean, love is tricky, but it'll come when it comes, right? You just have to be happy when youre single first, and concentrate on yourself, and your dreams, and not depend on others so much, or let the holiday get to you.

Robyn said...

I like that you love practically every shade of alcohol. A girl after my own heart.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Pink lover here too!

In terms of the overseas thing, definitely do it. I didn't really start until I went to grad school abroad but it was the beginning of a long term journey. It's hard being far from family and friends but so amazing to meet people from all over the world and really see the US from the other side (and appreciate everything) You really see the world as so much smaller and more accessible when you are abroad. If you'd like any thoughts about living in France, England, or Singapore, let me know ;)

Yes it's a cheesy hallmark holiday but I still celebrate love - happy Valentine's Day!

Lydia K said...

I love pink. And I love that last totally cracked me up!

Jo said...

I was a "commitment-phobe" my entire life....until this year. I think. Well, I'm trying not to be anyway. ;) I totally understand.

As for living abroad...that's something I wish I would have done while I was not in a serious relationship. If you decide that's your route, I'll be so excited to read about your adventures! And you're right, now's the time!


Diana Smith said...

Happy Valentines Day!!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i want that cupcake! oh and your blog header is amazing.

Pearl Westwood said...

You know I think you just have to live your life how you want, no point worrying about things that may never be. So many of my frieds harp on about being single, it never has bothered me. You can only make your own happiness xx

drollgirl said...

i think you will love london. you should try it out, and soon if you can!

S.A.D.?! AY YI YI. i am part of that group, and i wish i hadn't seen that acronym! oh well! :)

MOUSEVOX VINTAGE said... wine. I've been really getting into various roses as of late (as in wine, not flowers). Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day! xo.

Phoenix said...

Go. That's my only advice. Go to London, which is AMAZING ( I lived there for half a year) and it will change your life. Parts of you that you didn't even know existed will wake up in London (okay, the parts of you that didn't wake up when you played Arcade Fire's "Funeral") and you will love every second.

Go go go go go.

I'm gonna keep typing that in my comments here until you go. :)

MT Days & Nights said...

great post! Love the blog header too btw.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

your quote is awesome! no wonder it got published. i was a single girl for years and know too well the token status.

so good on you for taking the reigns and priming yourself for this new discovery process. those puzzle pieces are coming together pretty well i'd say, cheers to continuing the placement and choo-chooing along!!! ♥