Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shake The Dust

Poor neglected blog! I need to blow the dust off of this one. And to that end, I'm sorry to have been missing in action on the blogs of everyone I follow (and my followers). I've been on my Tumblr all too often these days and sometimes it's just too easy to sit there and stare at photos rather than words. This is all just a polite way for me to avoid saying that I'm just incredibly lazy after work most days. I feel like Gilly in SNL. "Sorry." But you know, less sarcastically.

Fall is in the air out in SoCal. You can feel the snap in the wind change in the morning, the cool breezes fluttering on every bare spot on your body, the skies shaded gray throughout the entire day. It's been like this for two days and I am enamored. Don't end. I'm like some bratty girlfriend with this weather. I will refuse to look it in the eye if it up and leaves me. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. It is also the one time of the year where I begin to grow terribly nostalgic for my old city, Saint Louis. If I had the money, I would rent an apartment exclusively in September and October there. Of every season, this is the one that was done right, not too cold, not too warm, enough brightly colored crisp leaves on the ground, and a royal purple sky at night you could stare up at for hours. I used to walk for hours with my iPod around the park near my house, wadding through leaves with slightly pink fingers and ear tips by the end. It was addicting, that chilled weather, and I needed a fix constantly. Hence the reason why I spend so much of my time walking and refuse to drive. I think you miss more of the world that way...

My world when I walk is filled with music. My iPod and I are very close. It's a little bright purple nano named Yves (I have a habit of naming my iPods after couture designers). Whenever I walk, I listen to it as much as I can. Listening to music on my iPod is almost a trance-like experience for me. My friends refer to the way I look as "my iPod face." I'm in another world, literally. Before my eyes, I see invisible images and people and string together my own music videos to the songs I listen to. Crazy? Unusual? I don't think so. I'm sure other people do this when they listen to extremely touching songs or just damn good music in general. Besides, those adjectives can only mean good things in my world.

This fall, I'm filling my iPod once more with some good songs. Not a whole lot of people know the kind of music I listen to so I'll share a few of my favorites with you and the way I feel when I disappear into these albums.

Jem Finally Woken

Yearning for what could be, but resigned to reality. Also some calculation. Not the math kind mind you, just careful thought. The kind that referred to as almost clinical in nature. Stripping down to the barest of bones.

Massive Attack Heligoland

Like I'm wandering lost in a labyrinth but I'm not scared. Instead, I go deeper into the maze, feeling and touching everything new and sacred and ruined all around me. It thrills me and I like it that way.

*Note: This is generally how I feel when I listen to Massive Attack. It's quite the experience. Lots of out of body moments.

The Engine Room A Perfect Lie

You might know it as the theme song from Nip/Tuck. There's so much gravity in this song. I often feel buried in it despite the fact that the song stresses to rid you of imperfections that could weigh you down.

The OC Soundtrack

For those who dream in eternal summer, it's long car drives, bonfire laughter, stolen moments, broken hearts, and aching to grow up right now.

*Note: I have too many soundtracks on my iPod. It's worrisome. Call for help.

The Rolling Stones, Let it Bleed

Just a classic. How do you properly describe a classic other than to say you feel everything with it, good and bad?

Til Tuesday Voices Carry

I kind of want to lie in my bed and cry when I listen to this song. Even if it is an '80s pop song. Still. All the same, it makes me want to pull at my bedsheets and just ball up inside, like a private cocoon. Not a bad thing either.

I do love music suggestions too so if you have any, send them this way!

Love to you all,


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I have been listening to a lot of Pandora lately- pretty much rocks my world that my phone is smarter than me and choses new and old songs and musicians for me.

Sadako said...

Glad to see you back.

I know what you mean about that feeling of fall. It was awful here in NYC last night and then this morning, suddenly, fall was in the air. And I LOVE that feeling!

Krissy ♥ said...

One can never have too many soundtracks to listen to! Such under-appreciated music right there.

And you have the best taste in music. Massive Attack! Jem! Nip/Tuck soundtrack! ("So Damn Beautiful" by Poloroid was [and still sort of is] my obsession!) And The O.C. soundtracks... that show had the best music. I credit it for helping me discover my personal music tastes.

Hiking in Stilettos said...

I can definitely relate to the iPod trance. That is what I love about music, though. The way that it stirs us down to the core.

Massive Attack is definitely one of those "out of body" albums. Also, every playlist need some Stones! I will have to check out some of your others!

Glad to see you again!

Andrew Green said...

Some good choices there....
And I can't imagine that Fall is as sweet n So-Cal as it is here in Michigan.

Really, Fall is the only GOOD season here.

Claire Kiefer said...

The OC just has the BEST music, seriously. I have found so many amazing artists through those soundtracks. Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill feature some damn fine music as well. :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Happy you're back dear! How is the new job? Oh I love how music evokes a certain mood. I haven't listened to anything new lately, but have appreciated oldies like Aretha Franklin's "It's only one step"

Phoenix said...

For some damn reason Blogger didn't tell me you posted this until this morning, which makes me cranky. Stoopid blogger.

I name my Ipods after great authors because they're geniuses (Keats, Shakespeare, yes, I'm a nerd) but that seems to inspire them to try harder when they're on shuffle to impress me. Yes, I give them personalities as well as names. Keats likes a lot of ABBA; Shakespeare favors my Led Zeppelin collection. Don't judge.

If you're still in SoCal you know it's like 1 million degrees out and fall is nowhere to be found, except yesterday during a freak rainbow/thunder & lightening/firestorm thingy. I don't get it but if it starts raining toads I'm taking that as a sign.

Glad to see you back in the blogosphere. I hope you've been well.