Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Own Private Dream

There are too many days where I just long to drop everything. Let it all slid out of my fingers, fall to the ground, and leave it there. If I could, truly could, I would live in a cottage by the sea. Cut up my credit cards. Walk away from the internet. Put my phone on the sidewalk curb and never pick it up again. Disconnect myself from the "world" and learn how to open my eyes a bit wider, a bit longer, a bit stronger.

The sea breeze fluttering through my hair, setting each wisp a'flutter. In a long skirt, sitting in a decaying field, feeling each grass blade poke me in their best efforts at getting my attention. Picking fresh fruit from drooping tree branches and marveling in the wonder of how quickly the apples have ripened. Under the trees with a book to read in the morning sun. The sound of string violin overtures filling every pore of my being until I feel like the melodies live in my throat. Dancing with the wind in the sudden falling amber twilight and losing my laughter in its grip as I spin, spin, spin alone, locked in my own private dream.

It's a big shame to me that I cannot.

At least not yet. Soon, sooner, soonest. Somewhere, someday.

Love to you all,


Georgina Dollface said...

Maybe you can't do it permanently yet, but why not try for just a weekend? Going for a drive to Napa Valley at this time of year could be really relaxing. We just got back from a trip away into our own version of wine country here and seeing all the vineyards and farms and orchards all ready to be harvested reminded me of how much abundance there is in the world if we just notice it. - G

Martina said...

Dear Heather, your dream is my dream ... oh, how i wish to get away from it all for a while, just being creative in my way, painting, writing, tuning into myself. I do like my work, but this year, it was all to much and i need a break! Have a lovely evening!

Romantic Heroine said...

i love this post and the pic is beautiful. I wished I could live in a cottage by the sea...omg, that would be fantastic :)but I'm not sure if I could survive without internet...

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

as 'they' say- your time will come!


JoJo said...

All dream come true one day...somehow.

I'm a firm believer in that ;-).

Sam said...

OMGGG, berets are awesommee.
Sadly, Im a beret virgin as of now. Or a..beretirgin? (LAMELAMELAME)
Also, you write really well. I grinned for about 20 minutes after reading it. I was such a happy post. :)
Anyway, I'm Sam. Sam the beretirgin. HOLA, to you.