Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh, The Places You'll Go

Well hot damn, I won another award! This one is from Miss JoJo at Newlywed Adventures, which is just a terrifically written and very funny blog about married life.

You're Going Places, Baby. The rules of this award are to write down where you see yourself being in ten years and to then pass this award on to ten people.

Off we go!

In ten years, I will be 32. I'm good with that. Society teaches us to fear aging, but with age comes wisdom and experience. Why would anyone want to stay in their awkward phase forever?

I'd really love to open up a bookstore of my own. When I was a little girl, I used to go to this bookstore downtown that closed at midnight every night, had two floors of books with each section designed to look like its genre (history, with globes and darker pine coloring, children's in a pale castle) and had a bar with a restaurant. I repeat, a bar with martinis. There was no overpriced coffee, no WiFi, no texting, no Facebook. The neighborhood was filled with boutiques, art galleries, houses, and cafes. This was, and still remains, the most progressive bookstore I ever spent my time in.

The times changed and my beloved bookstore went under around 2005. I went back and filmed the place for my senior year film project explaining "Who Am I?" and to my understanding, it is still empty. The art gallery across the street folded and the neighborhood has since seen the rise of Starbucks fill it.

So I'd rebuild my dream bookstore. Concentrating on books primarily and no. coffee. shops. inside. In fact, I believe all cell phones should be held at the door. Whenever you're reading, time shouldn't matter. Texts shouldn't interrupt the process. The words should simply be your world.

The first room of any place I live that is filled up first and truly homey? The closet. I love clothes, shoes, handbags, and I'd sooner live without furniture than be deprived a blouse I wanted.

I am addicted to flying and being in airports. I love going somewhere, even if that destination is unclear. People watching is the best in airports, try it sometime! By the time I'm 32, I've probably have acquired frequent flyer miles like nobody's business.

I will have replicated this entire outfit!

I want to bring back the liquid lunch! Seriously now, NOBODY is fooling me with those plastic bottles of water during a meeting. Deep down inside, while Mr. BigShot BossMan is yammering about the Dow Jones falling over the last fiscal year, you're thinking to yourself, "It's sure is hot outside. I could go for a Mint Julep. Or a Gin and Tonic. Or pretty much anything that's booze on the rocks."

I am fully aware that right now, while I'm looking for jobs and including little "check out my blog!" blurbs in my cover letters, that writing about the need to bring alcohol to a business meeting will not be looked at kindly. This isn't about getting drunk though. This is just one drink to loosen everyone up at the table and get the ball rolling without the initial stiff moment at the beginning where nobody wants to raise their hand or worse, you have to play some sort of stupid name game where you throw a little beanbag from person to person.

Right? Chin Chin!

I'm the kind of girl who when people sit around talking about how many calories are in this or that or trans fat, etc, I feel compelled to eat a big sandwich right in front of them. At 32, my sweet tooth will still be alive and well.

Never forget being a kid at heart. This includes just coloring for the sake of coloring. It's cheap fun that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

By the time I'm 32, Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus will be grown up too. Wrap your mind around their future, trampy, "I'm not old!" outfits for a minute. For that matter, envision what Heidi Montag will look like or the sheer craziness that Amy Winehouse will probably still be alive.

Never fear, I plan on dressing vintage and tastefully retro for the rest of my life. For this reason alone, I sort-of feel like aiming to be famous because then girls would have a good role model to look up to for dressing their age.

Emma Watson and Zooey Deschanel will be grown up too. All is not lost!

Being a kid at heart, by the time I'm 32, maybe science will have made it possible to truly play the game of Jumanji like it's played in the movie.

I also want one of these dollhouses. I'm not kidding. It's been a lifelong dream of mine. The stairs alone have won my heart.

If you visit my Tumblr or know me in real life, then you'll know I love this man. Ralph Fiennes is definitely my future husband.

Here's where I'd like to live at 32. Secluded enough to hide away, but not cut off from the rest of the world entirely.

This award also calls for me tag 10 people who are going places. Believe me, these 10 ladies are going places most definitely!

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Love to you all,


Anonymous said...

Your bookstore sounds amazing...I love books so much. There's a few classic (starbucks-free) bookstores in Laguna Beach and Hollywood that are absolutely lovely :)

Sadako said...

Sounds like you are going some amazing places! Great post as usual.

And thanks so much for the mention!

natalie said...

Okay, holy freaking crap, that bookstore sounds absolutely amazing! You definitely have to open one of your own like that so that I can experience that kind of wonderfulness, haha.

And that's so true about people watching in airports. You can make up a story for anyone and everyone, really. Where they're coming from, where they're going...

JoJo said...

Love your ten year dream! Very insightful.

Naka said...

cute post i would love a doll house too :3

Bathwater said...

I never like to look 10 years into the future. I'm just fine right here, right now and usually surprised when I make it another year.

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I loved that Paris outfit of Carrie's...congrats on award!

drollgirl said...

that bookstore sounds so amazing! if you could open one like it, i would beg you to let me work for you. i would LOVE to hang out there.

and thank you for passing this award on to me. i have no idea where i am going in life, but i think that is ok. or maybe i should start developing a plan already!!!! :)

Lizzie said...

We need your fashion post up on the mix tape! Today, er, now! Should we get in the habit of reminding you days ahead of time so you don't forget?

Ailish said...

That was a lovely post ^^, That bookshop sounds so magical.

The Zhush said...

What a fun post! If you want to know what LLO is going to look like, just look at here train wreck of a mother...ugh!

Dancing Branflake said...

Thank you thank you thank you! And I have so much to comment about this blog post I wish I could just call you or sit down with you and talk about everything you talked about.

Hello, I love airports also! And I love that bookstore you described. AMAZING! You could and should totally do it. For all mankind, just do it. And coloring books? Best therapy ever.

Thank you! I love the thought of going somewhere, especially when you feel stuck.


thats right, i ignore any diet talks (preciously weight & calories, because i dont eat junk food, only organics).

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

I like travelling as well, the airports & long flights not so much~

Anonymous said...

I agree that owning a bookstore would be really cool.

English Rose ♥ said...

This is such a great post Heather - I really hope you go to all the places you wish, you truly deserve it.

Merci beaucoup for your wonderful comments darling, it really means a lot =]

Je suis très désolée AGAIN for the late reply!

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Andrew Green said...

Independently-owned, smaller book stores are the future, I think....
The big chains are collapsing, just as the music stores and video stores did. Entrepreneurs like yourself will be the ones to operate most bookstores soon.

Chase that dream!

Phoenix said...

Congrats on your award! I think if you owned that bookstore I would probably never leave... consider yourself warned! Oh, and I had a huge Victorian dollhouse growing up (not as cool or nicely decorated as yours, of course) and scoured the world over for various little miniatures to decorate it with. Everywhere I traveled (Europe, the UK, Japan, etc) I bought a miniature for the dollhouse and I loved it so much as a little girl. That photo took me backwards in time ten years, not forward, so it was a lovely little re-visit. :)

Diana Mieczan said...

What a great post,darling...I am so happy for you sweetie!!!Congrats on the award:)
Kisses darling and have a fun day:)

Melanie's Randomness said...

Your blog really has the best name because you are a dream machine! I loved this post. I hope you get your bookstore & I will so join you on your liquid lunch. If they ever make Jumanji I'd love to see the warning signs for the stampede! What an awesome post! Congrats on the award & thank you for sending one my way too! =) *hugs*

Ally said...

Wow, I love this! Too bad you didn't link to those gals - the ones I'm not familiar with I'd love to click to and visit! I adore your sweet tooth. You go girl!


Anonymous said...

I'm confuzzled! (Did you change urls?)
I'm almost certain I was here two days ago...and left a comment...Thanks for the shout out! This looks like a really cool meme to do and I'm looking forward to thinking about my life in 10 years and passing the award on! Thanks so much! - G