Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The SF Journey Part One: Fri/Sat/Sun

I'm back!

Shall I start from the beginning?


The only photo from that day, I was exhausted from the 6 hour car ride, and the BART ride up. Once I stepped out of the Powell Station, everything in the dark changed. The city skyscrapers hugged me, the cab driver played French pop music, and my hotel pillows were soft and cozy.

The view? Stunning. And would only be even more so in the morning.

In my typical manner, though very tired, I did some work on my laptop prior to going to sleep and unpacking. School work, fun, fun, fun.


The view from my window, good morning SF, from 10 stories up!

Miss Heather Taylor, your girl behind the blog, little ole me. It is not common for me to take pictures of myself, but I've often felt you guys don't see who or what I look like that much. Since this is my return post after hiatus, it's only right that you should see me in it!

The gates to Chinatown, right up the street from my hotel.

Welcome to Americato-oops, I meant Chinatown!

Uncle Restaurant in the pink building.

Abandoned dragon head in Chinatown. There was a crowd that had gathered on the sidewalk presumably for a performance, but nobody would dance.

It was then that I knew it was time to leave. For a little while, anyway.

From off in the distance in Chinatown, I could see the Bay waters calling to me. So I left any plans there to keep looking around and headed straight to that water, walking down one single street that would ultimately lead me to the Ferry Building.

For this journey, I let my heart guide me, not my head. I can just hear the cries of protest from my family and friends already, but at that moment, I just went where I knew I was meant to go.

Which turned out to be right, of course.

These buses were so rad! Oddly enough, there appears to be nobody on the sidewalk with me. Hmm....

The Ferry Building.

I was so excited, I ran over to the railing and started taking photos. Bay Bridge!

Lots of people came up to me and asked if I was Irish. I was very flattered, but like every person who thinks I'm Irish or Russian, I have to let them down by saying no. Just Welsh mostly and English with a hint of Native American and German.

Love how I can barely open my eyes here. It was that bright outside.

They were great performers and their style was fascinating.

Bay Bridge!! I was so worried these photos wouldn't come out, it was intensely bright outside that Saturday morning.

This guy was hot. And defied gravity with that silver ball. Well dressed, with a scar running down the side of his face, with the best manners and performance and greatest smile.

Instant crush :)

Kingdom of Herbs in the Ferry Building. Charming store!

The White Grapefruit soap they sold was the best scented soap I've ever smelled!

CHEESE! Oh, they were bountiful and plenty in selection. I took photos for my friends who are all avid cheese lovers. A couple nearby, curious as to why I was taking pics of cheese like there was no tomorrow, asked me and I told them that everyone I knew loved cheese.

"You know what you are? A cheese tease." They both jokingly referred to me as.

It was a cute moment.

Miette Patisserie, a lovely, chic candy store inside of the Ferry Building.

Outside the Ferry Building.

Outside of the Ferry Building.

I don't even know the name of this structure, but it was just outside of the Ferry Building. Kids and adults could roam all over it if they so chose to. I was a little nervous at first because I was wearing heels (which scaled the entire city, having inappropriate footwear is not uncommon for me) and if I slipped on the wet steps, I could tumble into the water. But I went in anyway, knowing if I fell, it was just part of the experience.

Underneath with the falling water.

Davis and Market Street.

PG&E Company building. Most of the photos I took from this trip were architecture related. I love interesting looking buildings and anything with precise detailing. Height is also important to me, skyscrapers, as I've mentioned before, are my friends, not my foes. Let me live in the tallest building and be surrounded by a full view of everything.

This picture mystifies me. Where was I? Where was this? I don't know and I'm fairly sure Google Maps could answer that. Why bother? Let this mystery place remain as such to me. There's something to be said about not knowing where you are even when you try very hard to acknowledge that you do.

At the end of my day (yes this was all just ONE day), I went back to my hotel, had a Subway sandwich, and watched Pineapple Express on Encore. I don't know why, but for some reason, this activity was highly approved of by all of my girlfriends.


Look carefully, there are wedding dresses in the windows.

On my way to the Contemporary Jewish Art Museum and the Cartoon Art Museum. CJAM was actually very sad to be inside and neither museum allowed for photos to be taken. Overall, I've learned that I prefer art galleries to museums which I'll elaborate on when I discuss Mon/Tues/Wed in the next post.

Yerba Buena Gardens. Doesn't it look like it could be New York City though? The skyline was gorgeous here.

The fountains at Yerba Buena. I seem to have a knack for finding pools of water wherever I go.

Lori's Diner is scrumptious! I ate here twice (once on Sunday and on Monday which I'll get to in the next post). Get the Orange Freeze if you're here. Sprite and orange sherbet. Refreshing and yummy!

The beautiful Baldwin Hotel! If you ever need an affordable, nice place to stay in SF, I highly recommend it. Next door practically to the gates of Chinatown, down the street from Union Square, and within walking distance of Haight/Ashbury. I loved my stay here so much, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

The stores across the street from my hotel, Shotwell Boutique and Farinelli's. At night, they are lovely all lit up.

Pokemon building by the Mason trolley stop!

Me on the trolley. I ran all the way up Mason's steep hills to ride it. The trolley is one fantastic ride that you think will just zoom down the hills super fast, but actually moves smoothly. I was very, very addicted! Though apparently you need a train pass to ride and I was just a hop-on. So when I was on a second time and they started asking for people to show their tickets, I pretended to be looking for mine and the conductor passed me by. I got off at Stockton, and didn't chance the risk of getting kicked off the trolley.

This is my favorite sound in the city, by far. I take my iPod off just to hear the trolley bells ring.

In Union Square are many heart sculptures. They are very popular photo spots. To get one alone is difficult.

"Love lights more fires than hate extinguishes."
-Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Beautiful words of wisdom. The Jack Kerouac Alley is filled with all star writers words and quotes.

City Lights Bookstore where Jack Kerouac and the Beat poets used to spend their days. It's like walking into someone's old house, complete with a basement filled with more books. I could have sat there for hours!

Cafe Zoetrope where Francis Ford Coppola wrote "The Godfather" Parts I and II. I had a delicious glass of '08 Pinot there. Wonderful staff and a great, artistic atmosphere.

Stores surrounded me in all directions! Oh, this sweet metropolis.

The frog from Farinelli's next door to my hotel. It would be most unkind to not include him because this frog was a constant in my stay here. I saw him each morning and evening when I got back.

I'm also very proud to say that in my absence, my blog is now at 100 followers (!!) and won another award which I will get to in another entry soon. Thank you all so much for following!

Love to you all,


Fashion Teen said...

♥ That must have been such an amazing trip!!!!!!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

You do have lovely eyes! Oh the architecture, the cheese, and the trolley - sounded like a great time!

Dionne said...

Hi Heather,
just popping in again to let you know that you won the Small Adventure giveaway on my blog. Please email me by Friday at spotty_zebra@hotmail.com with your mailing info to claim your prize.


Propoquerian said...

could it be that finally showing us all who are you with this photo could go hand in hand with starting to feel a bit more like you know who that is....which is what happens when you know what you want.

heather, this city suits you perfectly! you are glowing in these photos:)

English Rose ♥ said...

SF looks as amazing as I thought it would - looks like you had a fab time!

Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling =]

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Sadako said...

Great pics, and wonderful to have you back!

Congrats at 100 followers and the blog award.

Steffani Alix said...

i love your hairstyle

Bijou's Style said...

looks like you had such an amazing trip!!

I am due for one :)



kim said...

Hurray for you, Heather!

Made me miss S.F reading your enthusiasm and seeing the pictures.
And you're cute!

XXX, Kim

kim said...

p.s I gave you an award.

XXX, Kim

Anonymous said...

aaww . . . cute about the BART ride. There is the DART ride in Dublin, stands for Dublin Area Rapid Transport hehe I’m so easily satisfied hehe. Thank you for your sweet and honest comment by the way. It has provided me not just confidence but also reassurance. Thank you again sweetie!

drollgirl said...

you are so pretty! such gorgeous, big eyes you have! and no, i am not the big, bad wolf, so no need to get nervous!

sf is a fun city to visit, no? i get so lost there when driving. but it really is a lovely place to visit.

jenn said...

i've never been so SF and now i'm even MORE anxious to go!

thank you for all of your sweet comments on my blog. sorry it took me so long to stop by yours, but i'm so glad i did. i love it! :)

MT Days & Nights said...

how fun!Looks like you're having a blast! btw your bangs are so cute.

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Love all the photos- looks like a blast!! :)

Anonymous said...

SF is such a great city. I was there for a summer and it was such a cool experience. Great food, interesting people, and easy to get around. All the things you can ask and want from a city.

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Aw, everything looks so exciting, new, and interesting. And you are very pretty, i swear you must be Russian...

Romantic Heroine. said...

thanks for your comment honey :)
did you have a nice trip?
the photo(s) of you is gorgeous! and you could be irish ;)hmm, and you're a tiny little bit german?!

Phoebe Rose said...

Wow what a post! Looks like you had an amazing time! You took some great pictures. And by the way, you have awesome hair, I love your fringe!


Amber said...

So I live in San Francisco and every time I go to H&M I see Lori's Diner. I've always wanted to go but no one will go with me. I'm glad that the place has gotten your endorsement, though, and maybe I'll be able to persuade my boyfriend to take me there by mentioning your blog and how much you liked it.

English Rose ♥ said...

Merci beaucoup for your lovely comment darling =]

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

CC said...

Gorgeous photos! The glass building w/ the dresses is uber cool.
And I totally agree with you, the guy is *hot!* ;)