Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Haute Couture and Getting Hauter

This is Evie Cottrell’s big wedding reception moment. Evie is standing halfway down the big staircase in the manor house foyer, naked inside what’s left of her wedding dress, still holding her rifle… Nobody’s all the way dead yet, but let’s just say the clock is ticking.
–Invisible Monsters

Have any of you read Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk? I've been revisiting it because the imagery is just fantastic. Plus, I feel just like Evie Cottrell right now. Ready to go out with a bang.

You know, there's something to be said when people on campus are asking you when the new update on your blog will happen. Patience, darlings. I've had a helluva week and we're only at the hump day.

Recaps, in single sentences, of the things I've done and had happen this week:

1) Done with the play. Exhausted, but glad.

2) The ex was definitely on drugs Saturday night at dinner. You don't just start sweating like crazy and spacing out of nowhere. It scared me. I've never seen that side of him before. Made him less and less attractive.

3) I met one of the most handsome young men I've ever seen yesterday at a presentation. You go to my school? You're in my year? We never ran into one another? How is this possible? I think you are lovely and well-read.

4) I got a hug that was covered with the essence of Jon Hamm from one of my friends who got to be in the same room as him Saturday night.

5) Some (not all) human resources people like to go on power trips. You are not God. Stop it.

6) No sleep is bad.

7) My presentation for Festival of Scholars was one of the best things I've done in a long time. I got the opportunity to sing "Street Life" by Randy Crawford with one of the professors...never thought that would happen!

8) You can download "Charlene (I'm Watching You)" by Stephen and the Colberts anywhere for free. Sweet.

9) Simon & Garfunkel literally saved my life on Friday morning at work where I thought I was going to scream at everyone. Then I remembered the song "America", hummed it to myself, and the moment passed.

10) I wish I could be a Band-Aid like Kate Hudson in Almost Famous. I wish my generation's music was that good too.

Also...most importantly, I learned this: There will be no dull, tedious jobs in my future. No, thank you. I'd rather barista forever and write late at night because at least when you make coffee, you can make it pretty and nobody tells you how to do it because they don't know an espresso machine any better.

Evie Cottrell may not be my role model in this kind of profession. Maybe it's my old favorite Cyd Charisse from Gingerbread. She was an San Francisco girl, after all.

Just like I will be, very soon!

Love to you all,


Anonymous said...

cool pics! :)


Syll0228vesterGetchel said...


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Man, sounds like you went through some crazy stuff this week! Sometimes the power of a positive or happy song is just so powerful right? Hope things get better.

drollgirl said...

you've got a lot going on here, but it sounds like you are doing well!

and it is probably good that you saw an ex in such a woeful state. it might make him less appealing forever.

i have read many a Chuck Palahniuk book, but not the one mentioned above. he is a freak and a half, and perhaps that is why i am always attracted/repulsed/enthralled by his writing. :)

natalie said...

I shall add Invisible Monsters to my list of must-reads. It sounds rather intriguing indeed!

Yeah, being on drugs definitely doesn't add to the attractiveness scale in my opinion either :P Yay for handsome and well-read young men though, haha! And you must be so excited about San Francisco :)

my buddy kelsey says hi

Propoquerian said...

i love that song "America" too! makes me think of when my sis and i were in high school together and i looked forward to her taking me home cuz she'd always have a few fun errands to run like pick up funky stockings or booz and she'd play this song with the windows down and i thought she was the coolest ;) she still is, and so are you

Krissy ♥ said...

LOVE Chuck Palahniuk and Invisible Monsters. I haven't read IM in probably 5 years now though, so I really must revisit it. :D

Sounds like you've had a very busy week, but you've made the best of it, so big thumbs up for you! ;D

Phoenix said...

Sweet - I am loving your fierce attitude, my girl. Take life by the balls and don't let go until it's just about as awesome as you've pictured. :)

Ex on drugs - no fun.

Invisible Monsters - sounds very fun! I'll have to check that one out :)

Brunch girls said...

I LOVE Invisible Monsters!! I also go back and reread parts of it from time to time!! And I read the book Brandy talks about!

Anonymous said...

There really is nothing like Simon and Garfunkel. What brilliant musicians.

Margaret said...

these are the greatest photos :D
love how you write too
thanks for the sweet comment!
stop back soon xx

B.P Prince said...

Almost famous is such a brilliant film isn't it? I like your blog, you're funny and witty x

Amber said...

I went through a band aid phase my last year of college. The Almost Famous Soundtrack was on permanent loop in my mind.

And "I think you are lovely and well-read" would be the best and most sophisticated pick-up line ever. If I ever write a novel one of the characters is going to say that to another one of the characters. Hope you don't mind the blatant plagiarism.

Dancing Branflake said...

I read this entire post and I thought... dang, she tells a great story.

By the way, I have been craving San Francisco like none other. It's only a short drive for me but for some reason I haven't been able to get out there.

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Oh, I am dying to go to SanFran, actually anywhere - sorry about your ex, I thought my friend was on drugs the other night too, he made me feel uneasy.

Claire Kiefer said...

Awwww, I live in the bay, and I love driving over the Golden Gate Bridge. so beautiful!

ellie said...

I'm glad that song helped your day.

English Rose ♥ said...

I want to go to sanfrannnnn!! Congrats on your lovely email!

Merci beaucoup for all your wonderful comments and continued support darling, it means the absolute world =]

So good to be back!

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x