Saturday, December 12, 2009

Moore Please

Julianne Moore in A Single Man trailer.

She. Looks. Breathtaking.

Directed by Tom Ford, naturally I'd trust that man with the costumes and makeup for this movie. It's supposed to be very spot-on.

I want to see it soon...

Not tonight though. It's an evening out with some of my very favorite, beautiful girlfriends on the face of the earth.

I'm sitting in my room drinking a bottle of white wine and listening to Seal (gorgeous voice). I simply do not understand how I am fortunate enough to meet the people in my life that I know. They are just too remarkable for words.

Sometimes I imagine what if. What if I came here two months too late? What if I did not have that job? What if I had decided to walk into a different building half an hour too early? My life would have dramatically altered. Maybe I wouldn't have noticed the change. Maybe I would have.

Love to you all,


Marian said...

she is so gorgeous,love her! I love spending time with girlfriends.Hope you had an amazing time bonding.
The what ifs are the bane of life :o) but I say rather enjoy the now and here.

English Rose ♥ said...

Its better for your mental health to focus on what is rather than what if (speaking from experience)

Julian Moore looks great - cant wait to see it!

Stay safe and chic darling
English Rose x

Phoebe Rose said...

I want to see it too, I love Moore, she's so beautiful! Love your new header btw :)

Sadako said...

Very nice. She rocks look!

clareassiral said...

i'd never expect to see her look this classy, so hepburn like

Amanda Lalique said...

wow. love. her.
Amazing actress and beautiful too