Monday, December 28, 2009

Hair Today

Dove's beauty campaigns are normally hit and miss for me, but "Unstick Your Style" was really cool. I love seeing these cartoon icons and their new 'dos. Love the use of white space too.

Love to you all,


Sadako said...

Damn. Marge is pretty hot.

Agree that Dove can be hit or miss. The real beauty thing pissed me off because they were trying to celebrate real women, while hawking cellulite cream.

Their onslaught vid was pretty cool. And I liked that one where they transform a woman into like a billboard ad--but I really liked the Alyssa Milano spoof where she turns into a guidette.

Jyun said...

Haha, these are cute but in reality, Dove's products suck.

cupcake♥trash said...

super cute.

drollgirl said...

gashaha! i have not seen these before! LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it sure makes me think i need their product to sass up my hair look! :)

M. said...

hahah this is probably the best thing ever! I love it!


Bev said...

HAHHAA there cool adverts!! marge is yummy!
nomnomnomnommm xxx