Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For Real

I don't know what will happen and I like it like that. This is the first time in my entire life where nothing has been planned, there is no set route to travel on. I refuse to be scared because what is there to be frightened of? I've worked hard to be where I am and always will work towards my goals.

It's who I am and it will never change.

I know some people think I should constantly be in a state of perpetual distress over my finances. I know some people think I should move back home to pursue something easier. I know certain people that want me to want their version of what my happiness should be.

It's not going to happen. I'm not settling or returning back to a place that I feel I lost the phrase "home" in a long time ago. (My Thanksgiving return, despite the condensed version I wrote up, was far different than my expectations). I will pursue my own life on my own terms and I'll do it my way. So what if I'm not loaded down with tons and tons of material things and husbands and kids and everything society says I should want? It isn't a loss to me. We all write our own stories with our own pens of individuality.

And all I want out of mine, is to be free to be just me and a happy me.

Love to you all,


Marian said...

Honey i loved reading this post. I think its important to enjoy the journey that life is,for most it is the destination. So they dont end up enjoying the here,today and now. Financial comfort is important as we live in material world,we need it to survive but it should not be that which makes adn breaks and inspires.I applaud you for your convictions.
big kiss

Fantastical Fashion said...

So true and inspiring! You make a good role model :) and I hope you get everything you dream of because it seems like you're truly grateful... I can kind of relate to this too.
Much Love,
- FF x

English Rose said...

Ever considered going into politics?

I'd vote for you =]

English Rose x


Jyun said...

Over here, people won't ask you but they expect one to follow the norm. It's great to hear someone sticking to their own feelings so strongly.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. This has to be the most difficult thing that I've struggled with in my adult life. I'm always trying to reconcile the expectations I set for myself and the expectations that others set for me.

Jasminum Rex said...

Thank you! This is what goes through my mind exactly every day, when I'm faced with people who think I'm too young, too reckless, too naive, too stupid or too whateverelsetheycancomeupwith to do my own thing in the world. But in the end I know that everyone who choses their own path in life gets negative feedback from those who are too scared to do it themselves. It's a sad truth, but it sure does make you appreciate your individuality that much more!