Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sunny Days, Everything's A'Okay...

Do you know about the bird?

No, I'm not about to bust out dancing to "Surfing Bird" a la Peter Griffin. I'm talking about the Big Bird, appropriately named on one of my favorite childhood shows, Sesame Street. The show is about to turn 40! For some reason, I always felt like it had been on the air longer than that.

When you grow up in a household with three brothers and a mom who also used to be a former babysitter, you get a zoo most of the time. A zoo that was controlled only by threats of taking away the Lays Barbecue potato chip privledges and watching morning cartoons before school. Yeah, I know there are a ton of parents out there who would rather not have a TV set "watch" after their children but nobody I knew as a kid or even a teenager fell into that category. Disney movies and PBS shows ran like Kool-Aid throughout the homes I frequented and even the classrooms. We watched the shows and loved 'em.

And Sesame sat pretty right up at the top of that list.

Harper's Bazaar certainly does know how to showcase my favorites. First they did that stellar Simpsons spread and now we have our puppets (I was slightly tempted to use 'muppets' here but that's not right) hanging out with the stars of the fashion world.

Carolina Herrara and Elmo. I love her.

I don't like Elmo. Yeah. I said it. He just never appealed to me. Something about the laugh and the way that all of the adults consistently lavished him with in my family, there was a Tickle-Me-Elmo obsession and then once he got an "Elmo's World" slot at the tail end of each episode...yeah, I still don't get his appeal.

Kate and Laura Mulleavy from Rodarte with my personal favorite, the man, Cookie Monster.
I loved Cookie Monster! His only rival was the Count for me but even then, I was all about the "c is for cookie" song. And "Allistair Cookie", the Masterpiece Theatre spin-off. He had a deep growling voice, roaming eyes, and a blue, furry coat and I just adored him. I would eat cookies any day of the week with him but as of late, the cookies have turned down the vegetable route, acknowledging that cookies are a "sometimes" food.

Okay, yeah, I can see that. Veggies are pretty tasty. And it does help to have breaks in between eating a freakish amount of Oreos. It happens to me every so often...

Oscar de la Renta and Oscar the Grouch. Perfection! He looks like he's about to say how the dress could be improved with some plastic bottles attached or a nice banana peel hat.

A lot of the humor in Sesame Street is sophisticated which I'm sure is why they've stuck it out as long as they have. Case in point: "Mad Men" parody. I'm a sucker for anything related to that show or even somehow remotely emobodying Don Draper.

Would Dora the Explorer be able to pull this off? No, no, and no. And let's hope they never get clever enough to consider using more pop culture references. I'm not worried. After all, one of their main characters is a talking rolled-up map.

Couldn't resist! It's the Count and Cookie monster together, my very faves ;)

Who are your favorite characters? Least favorites? Please tell!

Love to you all,


Jaime said...

I loved the google cookie monster! This editorial spread is realy cute too :)

Thanks for reading my blog!

Juliet said...

Elmo and Cookie monster are my favs! I have a elmo of my own!

juliet xxx

Midnight Cowgirl said...

That Mad Men video is hilarious!

Phoebe Rose said...

This is such a cool editorial!
This post made me laugh :)

cupcake♥trash said...

I watched this show for many years when I was a child. great post.

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Ahh I remember when my sister used to be obsessed with that show! She loved Big Bird so much. :)
Who'd have thought- Rodarte with the Cookie Monster!

Florrie x

English Rose said...

lol, love it - my faves were deffo cookie monster, elmo and big bird. They've computerised Bert and Ernie now for the new generation and it looks awful! Nice job x