Sunday, November 29, 2009


Make 'em laugh! Or hide a little bit from the general scandalous things I say.

I swear, the first man to give me a candy heart with "Maybe Tonight" on it gets my hand in marriage. No joke.

Alright Disney and Pixar, that's enough. I can't keep choking up during your movies.

Ivy and Noah, I am one of the few people I know who liked this movie. Even fewer in the fact that I own the soundtrack.

"Want a fry? They're French."

Seriously too stinkin' cute for words.

Love in the afternoon in Paris.

I just got done watching this one earlier today...simply beautiful.

I cried so much as a child watching this movie. I still do. "I believe that you are and always will be my little princess."

Cinderella was my childhood icon.

The best dressed pair, ever. Thanks Arthur Elgort.

Love to you all,


English Rose said...

this is such a great post - you've got to love love =]

Liya said...

omg mac and sweet dee
it makes me so happy that they got married in real life

J'aime said...

Wall-e and that little thing is it Eva or something, cannot remember her name, I got past a window nearly everyday, of a kiddies room with them two on. :P

Great post. The man from that Noah and Ivy photo, is the greatest actor alive, from the pianist.


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Pearl Westwood said...

Such a great post, I love Cinderella x

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post and blog, darling!
I love Cinderella too!


Des said...

That was a hilarious episode of Arrested Development. And I still need to see An Education. It seems like an excellent film.