Monday, November 16, 2009

Elementary, Watson

Sometimes during the course of life I forget and must be reminded about two things I have always loved:

1) Robert Downey Jr. (a perfect choice to play Sherlock Holmes)


2) Esquire magazine (a classic, I would kill to work there)

Check out the many faces of the Downey! He's so versatile and very gifted at his craft.

Sharp dressed man, I can't emphasize just how much I love that in a man.

Love to you all,


Liya said...

i adore him and cannot WAIT for the sherlock homes movie

following :)

Emma Skye said...

Hey - just wanted to say I really adore your blog. He is one cool dude. Take care x

cupcake♥trash said...

This looks like it is going to be a fun movie.

English Rose said...

i love robert downey junior - he's so expressive and I love his voice lol

thanks for your lovely comments

Marian said...

I hope you are well Heather honey!
what a mood lifting post!
heart xx

Jaime said...

He has really come a long way- I am happy he's past all the drugs...he's a good/versatile actor. Can't wait to see Sherlock Holmes!

English Rose said...

ohmygoodness - you star - i love it!!

i am slightly obssessed with him (less of the slightly, more of the obssessed)

Merci beaucoup for your comment and suggestion dearest =]

Anonymous said...

He is an outstanding actor. His performance in the film Chaplin should have won him an Oscar.

Fantastical Fashion said...

Gahhh Robert, and his big brown eyes haha :') x