Friday, October 9, 2009

Left My Name with the Boarding Guards/ A Name That I Don't Need

Mulligan flew to Los Angeles to do the rounds of agents and casting directors, taking the bus all around the city because she doesn't drive. "I didn't mind it. Just sitting on the bus, you can watch the most amazing people. Really, from all sides of the spectrum -- from really kind of smart people to some people wearing no clothes and carrying bird cages."

-Carey Mulligan Gets 'An Education' LA Times 10/8/09

I already liked Carey but after hearing that she doesn't drive and takes buses everywhere? Adoration. She's such a smart, grounded girl. I know that she will be a big success. I hope I can see An Education soon though I have no idea when I would have the time to plan it.

Miss Bradshaw in Paris. I love this episode, I keep it on my iPod to have handy.

Today I was asked to be a model for my school's upcoming 50th Anniversary. We get to wear clothing from the various eras of the school's history and I think there is a fashion show included. The woman in charge of the event, Lolita, is very sweet and kind. I had her for a costume course last year and learned how to sew on a sewing machine. It's very exciting, I wonder what era they will put me in...

This week started out very trying indeed but has since stitched itself right up. All of my important documents I recently lost are being mailed directly to me as I type this, I've been homeworking like a nut, the cell phone and I are reunited again, and with the help of a wonderful friend, recently figured out how to solve a transportation crisis within my near future.

I stay optimistic because when the chips are down, the only way you can go is up.
And keep going up.

On a weird side note, Journey has also been doing wonders. Yes, you heard that right. That band is getting me through life's issues. Also copious amounts of my old stand-by Arcade Fire. They're perfect for fall.

Love to you all,


FASHIONconfectionairy said...

I wonder what decade indeed that sounds like crazy fun!

Heather Taylor said...

I went in and modeled a dress for it today and it turns out I'm going '80's! Yes!! They're shoulder-padding and feathering my hair out bigtime and I cannot wait!