Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Get Out of the Way Sleeping Beauty, I Need the Sleep!

How many times must I say this? I am the one who has been exhausted these days, not you. While you were hanging out in a cottage, picking berries and having fairies make cakes for you, I've been dealing with the real world. I have to make a postcard for copyediting, write 2 articles for the school newspaper, start a take home exam and make it look freaking amazing, math homework and figure out what the hell I'm trying to prove in a honors paper on social networking sites. All. By. Friday.
Some by Thursday, others by Monday.
I also have to work. The only real issue you had was whether the dress your godfairies are making you would be pale pink or baby blue.
So get out of the way and let me touch the spindle already. I would gladly run, not slo-mo shuffle to that needle.

Pretty much everyday these last three weeks I've been exhausted. Lots of factors contributing to that. It's wildfire season and thus, much hotter than before. I have a stupid cold that refuses to go away. Homework will probably replace the dirt that covers my casket when I pass on from all of the assignments I have to do...you get the picture.

So I think about pillows. Pillow has long been a favorite word of mine. It sounds soft and cozy and just thinking about pillows puts me in a good place mentally.

Check out these pillows above! They are called Livingstones and are designed by a French company to look like rocks. I like the idea of cuddling up against to something you normally wouldn't and they do look ever so tranquil and cuddly...

Love to you all,


Anonymous said...

cute :)

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

I had the same exerience with my friends, also when leo was looking all sad at the beach I realized what love was and that i loved leo!