Monday, August 10, 2009

Soundtrack of This Life

I've been listening to so much good music right now that it almost alarms me how quickly it keeps rolling in. The other night, I bought some tunes at 2am...I simply cannot sleep knowing there is something beautiful to hear! Besides, I function my best at 2am anyhow. It's a fact.

I'm so in love with Air even though prior to now, I had been aware of them but aside from "Cherry Blossom Girl" and the soundtrack to The Virgin Suicides, I was in the dark about their work. "Pocket Symphony" is beautiful and I am quite partial to "Redhead Girl" with the wind chime opening.

If you consider that my last entry was basically the lyrics to "60 Miles an Hour" with pictures, well it's obvious that this one is on my playlist. "Crystal" is stellar as well.

I first heard "God is a DJ" in 8th grade and the beat has stuck with me throughout the years. Last night I listened to it for the first time in ages and fell back in love. Definitely perfect for a foggy morning.

Jude Law rocks a pink dress shirt and Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart score this film. Ya gotta love "Oh Nikki" which makes me feel like I'm at the best most swinging New Year's Eve party ever.

I'm pretty sure anyone in a bad mood will feel 100% better once they hear "Cocktail Swing", it's the ultimate in uplifting cheery tunes. The movie was also a delight and filled with so many wonderful outfits, I wanted to jump into a time machine and get the hell out of now and go back to then.

I was totally rocking out in the lobby to "Epistemology", probably my favorite track on the album even though this one is loaded with so many good songs, it's tough to choose just one.

An oldie but a goodie, I am so completely content with this album.

Love to you all,


Lee Beth said...

Hello. Just found your blog. Really cool. Had to be a new follower. Come check out mine if you'd like. Happy blogging!

Ashley said...

Thanks for posting this..I need some new music in my life :)


great recommendations. i really ought to listen to more air because i also love the songs from the virgin suicides soundtrack.

Qumang said...

Music is my life! Nice blog you have here! Check mine at


Anonymous said...

You actually have Depeche Mode listed. That's awesome. "Enjoy the Silence" is still one of my favorite songs.

Heather Taylor said...

Thanks everyone, I'm glad you liked the recommendations!

Ms. B said...

I love Air! One of my faves! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!!

gaby said...