Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Logic

*As always, in love with today being the day before Summer!!!

"It it were all upside down, we would finally see how inconsequential things really are."

That was my thought this morning. I woke up, got dressed, and laid outside of my job in the sitting area, listening to a mix of music and staring at the ceiling.

Most days, I just want to take a walk on the ceiling or at least have every building turned upside down for the day. Everything you paid for, wanted, needed, desired, all of it just strewn to the bottom of the top.

So that was my logic for that thought which as with most things I think of, went straight onto my arm with a pen. I never seem to have paper handy.

Sometimes I miss my old bus rides to school because during those rides, I thought a lot. Now I think even more, sometimes the ideas turn and slant into another direction but keep in with the bigger picture of who I am all the same.

Love to you all,

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