Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sage Advice From: Sandi Griffin, Fashion Club President

I've been spending the better part of this summer watching and rewatching old episodes of Daria, this cartoon that used to run on MTV. And while I love the dialogue and could equally write a series of posts on witty one-liners from Daria, her sister Quinn and even Daria's crush Trent, I've chosen Sandi Griffin and her words of wisdom.

For anyone not familiar with the show, Sandi is your typical high school Queen Bee of the social clique, The Fashion Club. She has a million rules for her group to follow and severe consequences follow for those who do not. Daria's sister Quinn is a member of the group and could easily overthrow Sandi as group leader. They have a frenemy relationship most of the time.

Advice from The Chic One...

On writing

I mean, how hard is it to type stuff?

On the politics of saying something is cute when it is not (which the Fashion Club doesn't do)

I would never tell Quinn that she looks cute in that thing she always wears.

On assisting friends with fashion advice

Friends don't let short-waisted friends wear hip-huggers.

On advising Quinn with healthy food choices

Help yourself to the grapes. I hear they're good for breakouts.

On athletics

Can you imagine joining an actual sport?

On the homeless crisis

The homeless have suffered enough. Don't make them wear a cotton-poly blend, too.

On a bad nightmare

Mine was about orphans who needed ankle boots.

On humanitarian awards in the community

Why settle for a sign, when you can have a plaque.

Love to you all,

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