Saturday, June 27, 2009

Winning the War, Looking At My Wishlist and a FASHpiration

After two days of heavy bidding, my beloved Seychelles heels are coming to be with me this week! They aren't in this shade, I'm getting them in black but they are going to be so much perfection. I'm so excited!

And now...a look at my Sephora wishlist.

Benefit's Peace, Love and Glossiness lip gloss set

Benefit's Girls Night In eyeshadow and lipstick set

(I really love Benefit, they are so fresh and on the money with their advertising...I remember where I was when I first saw the That Gal! advertisement.)

Marc Jacobs Daisy shimmer rollon

Hey hey Miss Daisy Lowe, where did you get such amazing threads?
I'm infatuated with this dress.

It's been a quiet couple of days...I've been mostly writing and watching a bunch of Anderson Cooper and Larry King to watch the news on Michael Jackson. Very sad.
I've also been listening to most of his music and in between, taking breaks with Fauxliage, with lead singer Leigh Nash and Rhys Fulber from Delerium composing most of the melodies. It is haunting and lovely...I love it deeply.

Love to you all,

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