Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Barbie Made a Comeback for a Minute There...

I guess that opened the door for all old-school nostalgia to come flooding back into pop culture subconscious. I was at fredflare.com and ebay recently and I found out that The Smurfs are back, particularly Smurfette.
Here she is on a coin purse at fredflare...

and on a lunchbox at Loungefly. Is this enough? Oh no. The Smurfs are back to penetrate the pop culture bubble. A true master of marketing knows to expand these products to their extremes.

They got their own makeup collection.
And I would know, having actually sampled the lip gloss (don't buy it) at Sephora.
Question: The only smurf who would get a huge kick out this, why isn't Vanity on the blush pad instead of Smurfette? Yeah I know she's a girl and all but all the mirrors and primping are what we call Vanity's Element.
Well if Barbie got to be on MAC, then The Smurfs get Too Faced. What's next for these cosmetic-cartoon collaborations? My Little Pony goes glam for Urban Decay? Madeleine turns super posh for Christian Dior? Maybe even Sailor Moon will lose the hair buns for Benefit (though I would probably be really excited if that happened!).

There you go. The fifteen minutes of re-fame.

Love to you all,

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