Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mark Segal and the Imaginary Girls

You thought you knew Marlene's story but as usual everybody misinterpreted it. She walked down the school corridors, dancing to her iPod and the thumping glitter that expelled out into her eardrums. All alone in her private universe. All of her classmates thought she was stuck up except for a select handful who saw her early in the mornings. Early at 6am when she stumbled out of a limo still covered in last night's excesses with her school uniform in her arms. The same man let her out every morning. He was the proclaimed godfather of rock 'n roll and she was his protegee. She was a waitress to his table one night and they talked for six hours. He was dying and all he wanted was to breathe life into someone else. Impossible, uncontrollable, never-ending, luxurious life. Marlene was just in the right place at the right time. Everybody but those few thought she was nothing but common. So she sparkled in the hallways and rained light down on her life and his.

Everybody's searching for love but nobody was more determined to find it than Juliet. She found herself at the cemetaries staring at the tombstones of her grandparents and saw she was never alone there. So many others went to see the ones they loved, the ones that they had loved, the ones they never admitted to loving when they were alive. Love's answer was six feet under. Juliet faked her death with the help of her friends. With wrists neatly bound in bright white bandages and enough makeup to resemble the corpse next door, her family and friends called everyone in for the wake where Juliet lay in the open casket breathing very, very little. Classmates and coworkers filed past, all of them lamenting on her unfortunate demise but not a one professing their love for her. It got too quiet and Juliet cautiously sat up only to find everyone was gathered around Bette, the head cheerleader who suffered a heart attack and was dead on the floor. The boy of Juliet's dreams came running up to her, took her hands and knelt down on the floor. "Juliet. Can you get out of that casket? We kind of need it."

Aspirations, goals, life ambitions. Lilith didn't have those. From the day she was born, she never knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. She didn't score on a single profession on tests in high school. She graduated from college with her major still undeclared, a feat even the dean did not understand. Then one morning, Lilith sat up in her bed, her bright eyes snapped open. "I want to be you."
From that moment forth, Lilith embodied you in every possible sense. She was you when you laughed so hard tears came out of your eyes. When you got into an argument with your teacher. You crying silently in the bathroom locked away from the world and you crying openly in a public restaurant. You at your best. You at your worst. Morning, noon, night. Monday through Sunday. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, years on end.
It was Lilith's greatest dream she never knew she had and by fulfilling it, she was at her happiest and saddest. She felt like she never felt before and by feeling, she always knew.
The lady who knew it all.

Love to you all,

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