Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm Pretty Inexpensive, Some Say I'm Free, Maybe Yes, Maybe No, Maybe You Should Know...

Only a week till the big one; a long anticipated, greatly needed, and highly coveted summer!


My room is barren right now, it's kind of sad. I've liked living here. I'm alarmed to see that the number of boxes to store things has doubled. When did that happen again?

I'm escaping Facebook for awhile too. I wrote a letter to my 31 year old self saying that I would and I'm going to make good on that until fall, when classes will kind of make me do it again. Plus I really don't give a shit about most people's status updates unless they're close friends of mine or are really funny...which is about 20 people at the most.

I'm in need of simpler times, you know? People are way too stuck on themselves...simple times.

500 DAYS OF SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 17th, will you get here now? Let's zip into a time machine and pop on over to that day when I'm all nestled in Muvico, getting ready to watch the movie I am most excited about this summer.

Runner ups include Whatever Works and Public Enemies.

If you haven't watched a trailer, do it pronto! It will make your entire day better, I swear.

Love to you all,

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