Sunday, May 17, 2009


Designed in Reykjavik, Andersen and Lauth was based on on the first tailor shop to open in Reykjavik. This was in 1934. Completely amazing. The clothes hold strong ties with the Reykjavik music and art scene. Not a whole lot of clothing lines can say that they do that.

I call this Grecian beauty 'the dress that got away.' Just look at the straps and the neckline detailing!
Some girls lie awake at night thinking about schoolwork or boys. I think about long tunics, peacoats with elaborate buttons, silk gloves, jeweled bracelets, and pretty dresses. It's a thought that goes from night to day and back to night again.
It's a thought that also leaves about 3.45% of my brain for schoolwork haha. Had I have been born in Los Angeles rather than Saint Louis, I can guarantee you I would probably not be college right now. I doubt I would have wanted to pursue intellect as much as I would have wanted to dress up and spend my nights on the Sunset Strip while working as an eternal barista at some snooty coffee shop. As long as the music is perfection, it sounds like a good, simple life, doesn't it?

I'm pretty sure that you can still pick up an Andersen and Lauth piece on Urban Outfitters but as of recent, I haven't seen any on the online store. As for eBay, it's a tough search too...
If you can find some pieces, you are a lucky star indeed ;)

Love to you all,

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