Thursday, April 2, 2009

New York Dreamstate of Mind

"We're going to New York Gingerbread! Going to New Yorkie York!"
-Cyd Charisse in Gingerbread
I've had an especially interesting day. Last night, I was no longer in California but I was in a whole new place, over by the steps of the Met with the sun shining super bright and the buildings threatening to swallow me whole. I spent 5 hours last night in NYC and woke up, feeling oddly content.
Oh I love you Cali. You have been nothing but beautiful sunrays and mountains and Mr. Blue Sky everyday. Always the best hostess. I would love to live with you forever but just as much as my self enjoys light to soak up in, it needs several injections of darkness for balance and clarity.
Jeez, pretentious and dramarama seeking much today Miss? All I know is that I always meet my goals no matter what the obstacle may be. If I want to live somewhere else, I'll start looking at apartment and job options. If I want a shirt, I'll charge it. If someone I know is feeling blue, I'll make a thousand and one goofy faces to make them smile.
Life is so short. Why wouldn't you want to make the most out of yourself?
I'm having a lot of thoughts today...opportunity for departmental honors? Write a 25 page research analysis and submit it for publication. For the first time since I've been in college, it sounds like I always imagined college to be. What to write about will hit me later...I'm going for this!
Keeping my front desk job (yeah!), missing being at the good ole Star (tomorrow night), the new addition to my family (not even a year and they've already adopted to fill my shoes...a cat named Tequila who loves my old bedroom), thinking about Cost Per Wear, homework (ew), taxes (eww) and FAFSA (ewwww) to complete by Saturday.
Most importantly....
Argumentation with Daring Don, job on campus (fingers crossed), living in Mogen with Amy and Toria (Winter roomies reunite!), attempting to sun at the pool and not lobster it up, gym days, Public Enemies and 500 Days of Summer at Muvico, getting the license and buying a car, and the great possibility that Melissa will visit me for a week!
New York's gotta go on the back burner, it's Cali sunshine til '10.
Listening to:
-Michelle Branch Are You Happy Now (oldie but goodie)
Love to you all,

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