Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Sensations

Perfect blue sky, clouds, smiles, and the lovely Eva Green.
I feel like this on a gorgeous day, like today for example.

"I'm Chuck Bass."

How do I find all of these wonderful doughboy ads? I literally comb the internet for them, I've been obsessed for so long that I can't remember a time I wasn't ripping out print ads in the newspapers. For a short time, the Sprout and Pillsbury did advertisements together. Read the captions if you can, they are super cute!

Her smile is so gorgeous, it makes you want to smile too. By Norman Parkinson.

"It was hot and strange and lonely in India. I didn't like it."
Pssh, Mary Lennox, whatever, I love the brightness of these clothes. POP!

Living in a house with three brothers ensured that I always held my tea parties (well, they were more like Pepsi and Oreo cookies parties) alone with my collection of stuffed Pillsbury Doughboys, ghosts, and snowmen.

I am so fascinate with the guy in the background! So eerie, his hand looks real but the rest of him looks like a cutout piece of cardboard.

I kinda feel like doing this with the Echo. Ripping that paper up for not allowing me a fashion column...with a smile of course. Honestly, they're fucking themselves over with that one. The idea is to attract readers to your paper, not drive them from it.
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-Raisin Murphy Movie Star
-Kanye West Love Lockdown
Love to you all,

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