Sunday, January 25, 2009

Old School Packaging

Today I was at Rite Aid just aimlessly drifting through the aisles en route to the huge bottles of Mountain Dew. I happened upon the shampoo aisle and continued to drift down it (some days I'm like a feather in the wind just letting life move around me and move me if it so chooses). I stopped at the Clairol Herbal Essences bottles and then noticed they had the old bottles there. These bottles were an older design for the company and I'm not kidding you, it is brand loyalty in action. Brand loyalty is a concept in persuasive communications I learned about last semester in which a person is partial to a certain brand because of the experience they have had with it, the face on the packaging, and the brand is trustworthy.
The moment I saw this bottle, a wave of nostaglia fell over me. I almost bought it and I certainly don't even need shampoo right now. Then I popped open the lid and sniffed it and even more old memories came flooding back.
Basically, this shampoo is my Mom's old favorite. She used to get the economy sized bottles at Sam's and we shared it together. Seeing the flower in the background as the shampoo began to slowly run out was always pretty in its own way. Unfortunately, I was mainly the reason behind the shampoo running out quickly because back then, I used to have extremely long hair (way down my waist) so Mom wasn't really happy about the supply depleting so fast. I got yelled at occasionally for it and eventually, I started buying a separate shampoo for myself.
But still, great memories.
Love to you all,

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